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Farmers Mutual's policies are only available in Nebraska and South Dakota. Our policies are marketed and sold through a select group of independent insurance agents. These agents are business people who live in your community and are able to sit down with you and discuss an insurance program that best suits your needs.

Whether you own your own home or rent an apartment, your property is far too important to be left unprotected or underinsured. At Farmers Mutual we have a Homeowners Policy that can meet your insurance needs.

The Sections shown below briefly describe the type of coverage offered:
Section I - Property Protection
Section II - Personal Liability Protection
We also offer a Multi Policy Discount if you have both your home and qualifying auto policies with Farmers Mutual.
Section I
Section I provides coverage for the following items:
BulletOther Structures
BulletPersonal Property
BulletLoss of Use
Additional Coverage for:
BulletDebris Removal
BulletFire Department Charges
BulletCredit Card, Electronic Fund Transfer Card
BulletTrees, Shrubs, Plants and Lawns
BulletRefrigerated Products
BulletLoss Assessment
BulletInflation Adjustment (Forms 2 and 3)
BulletOrdinance or Law (Forms 2, 3, and 6)
BulletBuilding Additions and Alterations (Form 4)
Four coverage forms are available:
BulletHomeowners 2 Broad Form
BulletHomeowners 3 Special Form
BulletHomeowners 4 Renters or Tenants Policy
BulletHomeowners 6 Condominium Unit Owners Form
Many optional coverages are available and can be added by endorsement. These include but are not limited to:
BulletIncreased Replacement Cost Coverage on the Dwelling
BulletIncreased limits for Sewer Backup and Sump Pump Overflow
BulletReplacement Cost Coverage on Household and Personal Effects
BulletSpecial Coverage on Household and Personal Effects
BulletIdentity Theft Expense Coverage
BulletIncreased limits for Money, Jewelry, Silverware, Guns, and Business Property
BulletScheduled Property such as:
· Jewelry
· Computers
· Motor Boats and Equipment
· Golfers Equipment
· Cameras
· Silverware
· Fine Arts
· Musical Instruments
Credits are available for:
BulletNew Homes (up to 10 years)
BulletAlarm Systems, Fire Extinguishers, and Dead Bolt Locks
BulletImpact Resistant Roof Surface
BulletHigher deductibles are available. The higher the deductible the lower the premium.

Section II
Coverage L - Bodily Injury and Property Damage
This pays the insured's legal liability for damages to others because of bodily injury or property damage arising out of the ownership or operation of the insured premises, or from the insured person's personal activities. This also pays the cost to defend the insured for liability covered by the policy until we have paid an amount equal to the limit of liability of the policy.

Coverage M - Medical Payments to Others
This pays (without regard to legal liability) for necessary medical services for each person not residing on the insured premises who is injured in an accident while on the insured premises with permission, or while elsewhere if the injury arose out of the insured premises or was caused by the activities of an insured.

Additional Coverages
BulletClaim Expense
BulletFirst Aid Expense
BulletDamage to Property of Others
This pays for unintentional damage to property owned by others caused by an insured, subject to the exclusions in the policy.
BulletLoss Assessment

Optional Coverages
BulletWatercraft Liability
BulletAdditional Premises Rented to Others
BulletIncidental Office, Professional, Private School, Child Care, or Studio Use
BulletSeasonal or Additional Residence Premises
BulletBusiness Pursuits (not a business owned or financially controlled by the insured)
BulletHunting and Fishing Liability
BulletFarm and Personal Liability
BulletPersonal Injury Liability
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